Human Resources

EIM as an employer 

EIM strives to be a valuable employer, offering an attractive, multicultural and balanced working environment based on cooperation, mutual trust, empowerment, gender equality and training.

EIM’s working environment offers:

  • High quality of team work and cooperation;
  • Quality of workplace;
  • Leadership and Empowerment;
  • Training (project management, IT, French courses, safety/security aid).


EIM hosts both, permanent staff and also seconded experts from its members.

In 2022, EIM staff was 80% female and 20% male and employed staff with 7 different nationalities (EU).


EIM has a long tradition with secondments from its members.

  • Assignments take various forms and shapes and can last from 3 months to 5 years.
  • Secondees receive job assignments based on the needs of the sending organisation and the profile of the secondee.
  • All secondees receive special training (e.g. thematic coaching, involvement in high-level meetings with the EU, participation in strategic discussions, coaching by the ExDir / a senior staff member, public presentation opportunities, career advice, life-long membership with the EIM “staff alumni club”).